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The creation of the lakes of the Dombes goes back to the 12th century. Today a thousand lakes cover an area of 10,000 hectares and are used following a traditional cycle based on periods of the lakes being full of water and their being dry and used for cereal crops. The majority of the lakes are filled by rainwater and small streams. Many of them form a chain of adjacent lakes which empty into each other when they are emptied before the fishing season. This emptying of lake is done by a valve called a « thou ».


An amazing voyageThe Bird Park covers 23 hectares (57 acres) almost half of which consists of water. The ponds, aviary and enclosures are populated not only by the native birds of the Dombes but also by species from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Here the visitor may observe, admire and photograph 400 of the world’s 9,000 listed species – from the imposing ostrich to the tiny hummingbird. In the heart of the Dombes region with its thousand and one ponds, lies the Villars-les-Dombes Bird Park, a harmonious symphony of sound and colour.

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